Dealer Technician Training

EETCNo other venue offers the variety of hands-on training and certification for technicians at basic and advanced levels. Focusing on the most important elements – testing and repairing – it will help improve the quality of work, reduce comebacks and improve the billable hour rate technicians can produce for the dealership.

五福彩票app彩票appthe equipment & engine training council will offer discounted opportunities for certification testing.

pre-registration is required for the classes below. . if you have already registered for the tradeshow and you want to register for the tech training, use your registration dashboard or call sellers expositions, (800) 558-8767

All training sessions take place on Wednesday, Oct. 20

8:00 - 11:00 AM and 12:00 - 3:00 PM

1 – Electrical Troubleshooting
Presented by Almon Inc.
五福彩票app彩票appThis interactive, hands-on course will cover diagnostic procedures using practical methods and tools to expand knowledge of basic electrical systems. Students will have the opportunity to use applied electrical trainers (AET) to build common circuits, learn how to read schematics and troubleshoot/diagnose systems and their components with the use of digital multi-meters.

2 – Hydrostatic Transmissions
Presented by Hydro-Gear
This hands-on course will cover in detail a typical hydrostatic transmission used on zero-turn applications. Students will have the opportunity to tear down and reassemble a hydrostatic transmission while learning the proper procedures, tools and specifications.

3 – Two-Stroke Engine Diagnostics 
Presented by ECHO

4 – Basics of Propane Fuel Systems
Presented by LEHR & EETC

Dealer Technician Training